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House of Alpha - FAQs

Tax Deductibility of Donations

Are contributions made to the capital campaign tax-deductible?

Donation Invo

How can I make a donation in the most tax-efficient way possible?

Ways to Give

How can I make a gift to the capital campaign? In what ways can I make a gift?


I am concerned about my gift going into a black hole. Is this a self-sustaining endeavor? What level of controls are in place?

Use of Contributions

Is my contribution to the House of Alpha capital campaign strictly to build a house?

Brothers as HoA Residents

What happens if there are not enough brothers to fill the house? Is there a plan to fill the revenue gap?

Alpha Light Fund Purpose & Mission

What is the Alpha Light Fund? What is their purpose/mission?

What is the House of Alpha?

What is the House of Alpha?

House of Alpha vs. Jewels Heritage Project

What is the difference between the House of Alpha and Jewels Heritage Project fundraising campaigns?

Campaign Length

What is the duration of the capital campaign

HoA Relevance to Non-Alpha Chapter Brothers

What's the relevance of the House of Alpha to non-Alpha Chapter Brothers?


When is groundbreaking scheduled to occur?

Completion Date

When will the House of Alpha be ready for occupancy?


Where does my contribution go? How will my gift to the House of Alpha capital campaign be allocated?

For More Information

Who can I contact with additional questions about ALF or the HoA capital campaign?

ALF Board

Who is the ALF leadership?

Ownership of House of Alpha

Who owns the House of Alpha?

Residents of the House of Alpha

Who will reside at the House of Alpha?

Unique Philanthropic Opportunity

Why doesn’t Robert F. Smith pay for the whole thing?

HoA Profitability

Will my contribution be used solely to build/renovate the house or can it be used to cover operating expenses?

Disclosure of Donor  Identities

Will you share which brothers/donors have agreed to participate in the House of Alpha capital fundraising campaign?

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