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Welcome To Our House

At the Alpha Light Fund, we view America as a house still in the process of becoming a true sanctuary for its most underserved and vulnerable citizens.

Founded in 2018, our mission is to fortify and reimagine this "American house," ensuring that all communities can one day declare, “America is my home!” with genuine pride.

We are committed to empowering students and young adults, helping them contribute positively to their personal growth and to society. Through targeted initiatives, we aim to provide these young individuals with both the vision and practical skills necessary to forge their own paths towards life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Our board diligently focuses on activities that align with our Impact Pillars, striving to instill hope and essential skills in our youth, enabling them to achieve their personal American dreams.

The organizations we support undergo thorough evaluation and embrace the weighty challenge of their missions. Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s vision, they work to "bend the arc of history" by uplifting their participants' trajectories—guiding them onward, upward, and toward the light.

Echoing the words of Henry Arthur Callis, the Alpha Light Fund’s board believes in ""...the development of special skills to build men and women of vision, courage, and leadership towards the integration of a truly democratic society."

board of directors


Dr. Dennis A. Mitchell, DDS, MPH


Executive Vice President for University Life

Columbia University

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Shawn Lee Portrait 2.jpg


Vice President & Secretary

Director, Business Programs & Change Management at Microsoft

  • LinkedIn

Glenn A. Gregory


President, Obsidian Investment Advisers, LLC

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Max Aggrey Portrait.jpg

max R. aggrey

Board Member

Principal - Ad Partnerships at Google

  • LinkedIn

Roger W. Bailey

Board Member

Vice President of Automotive Business, Sanmina Corporation

  • LinkedIn

Ernest Eric Elmore

Board Member

Antitrust Attorney & Advisor to Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission

  • LinkedIn

Ronald Joseph

Board Member

Associate at Mckinsey & Co.

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Dr. Shawn Robertson Portrait.png

Dr. shawn L. robertson

Board Member

Associate Professor of Child Study at St. Joseph's University, NY

Nigel f. telman

Board Member

Partner at Proskauer

  • LinkedIn

Frank B. Wilkinson

Board Member

Senior Vice President at JLL

  • LinkedIn

Reginald H. White

Board Member

Vice President for Human Resources at Connecticut College

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